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Investing in education

July 19, 2009

Re "Bet on schools could go bad," Column, July 7

I read your article on Antonio Plascencia Jr. and his $90,000 tuition debt.

I sympathize with his plight and regret California's loss of his talents, but I vehemently disagree with the statement "We really want better schools, and ... all of us taxpayers, together, are willing to make the sacrifices to keep them running."

Why must taxpayers fund a failed school system?

A bloated bureaucracy, a sky-high dropout rate, graduates who can't write a coherent paragraph and teachers accused of molestation still collecting a paycheck are just a few of the reasons why I don't want to give another penny to Los Angeles Unified.

Lisa Kaplan



To the young graduates like Antonio Plascencia Jr., I have two words of advice: Go overseas.

Many young graduates from Australia, Britain, Ireland and Canada automatically apply to work in Korea, China, Taiwan and Mexico because they want the experience and often cannot find jobs in their home countries.

Many of us in the U.S. are far too isolated from the rest of the world.

Pat Bohanon

Thousand Oaks

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