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96-year-old is the ace of this hole

Paul Smith of Pacific Palisades hit a hole in one -- his 15th -- at Brentwood Country Club. He's aced the hole twice.

July 19, 2009|Mike Penner

Paul Smith of Pacific Palisades proved last week that you're never too old for aces.

Smith is 96, but despite that advanced number, he carded a hole in one at Brentwood Country Club. It was Smith's 15th hole in one, coming 20 years after he scored an ace on the same hole. At 76, Smith used a nine iron. At 96, he opted for a driver.

In between memorable golf shots, Smith is a master bridge player. One advantage of being a 96-year-old golfer: Shooting your age isn't entirely out of the question.

Trivia time

How many NFL teams have never played in the Super Bowl?

Relive it? Are you kidding?

The Detroit Lions' 2008 season was one to forget, unless you work for the team's website and want to see how much torment a fan can stand.

Last week, the website offered this teaser at the top of its start page: "Relive the 2008 season; watch every 2008 game streamed on demand in HD." On demand? For 16 Lions defeats, adding up to a historic 0-16? How about no demand?

Can't have it both ways

Terrell Owens appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show last Thursday to plug -- yes, believe it, it's true -- his new reality show.

The series will be called, appropriately enough, "The T.O. Show" and who knows where T.O. will take it.

Owens complained to Kimmel about his housing situation in Buffalo.

"Well, I'm currently homeless right now," he said. "I was renting a place until the idiotic Realtor notified the press that I was renting a place at this one address and scheduled the news to come in there and take a tour of my place and all that good stuff."

Kimmel: "That seems like a little bit of an invasion of privacy."

Owens: "You would think."

Kimmel: "However, you are doing a reality show."

Hard to argue with that kind of logic.

Trivia answer

Five. The Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans and Cleveland Browns.

(Question and answer provided by Luke Aiello of Mission Viejo.)

And finally

David Letterman, on the Sonia Sotomayor Supreme Court confirmation hearings: "Her confidence is growing day to day. In fact, today, she showed up wearing the yellow jersey."


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