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Epic rivalry on and off the field

July 19, 2009

Regarding "Move Over, Autumn," by Susan Spano [July 12]. On Nov. 14, Williams and Amherst will play the 124th football game in the rivalry known as "The Biggest Little Game in America," which is the fourth-oldest football rivalry in the nation. This game will be shown live somewhere in the L.A. area, where alums from both Williams and Amherst will gather to view the contest. Amherst was created by Williams defectors (that's a whole other story), thus creating the purest rivalry in America.

Williams and Amherst compete in 26 sports, in the admissions office, for faculty and staff and in boardrooms, courtrooms and elsewhere across the world. This really is a most remarkable place, and I'm not even an alum!

My favorite Williams T-shirt from a few years back:

"How good is Williams football? Good enough to lower the admission standards at Amherst."

Dick Quinn

Sports information

director, Williams College

Williamstown, Mass.

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