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The challenge of Jani

July 20, 2009

Re "For Jani, some progress and some major setbacks," July 9

The despair that engulfs the lives of everyone in this family is beyond comprehension.

To know that any relief they may get in caring for their daughter comes at the price of institutionalizing her seems almost immoral.

When my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, there were programs for adult day-care and respite relief.

Sure, they came at a financial price -- but the Schofields appear to have no respite at any price.

Sheryl Schecter

Woodinville, Wash.


I'm deeply grateful for the coverage of mental illness and how baffling and frightening it can be to deal with it, and how it affects (and infects) entire families.

Courtney Lamb

Culver City

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