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Brett Favre is dishing it out, and high school players are taking it

In what has become an off-season tradition, the quarterback is getting his summer work done.

July 20, 2009|Mike Penner

The gloves Micah Williams brings to practice every day as a wide receiver for Oak Grove High in Hattiesburg, Miss., are more evidence that Brett Favre is planning a return to the NFL at age 39.

"He's still throwing hard like he used to," Williams told the Associated Press. "Still with zip. Hard. If you don't wear gloves, your hands are going to be through."

Favre is working out with the Oak Grove team for the fifth time in as many summers. He is one of four quarterbacks in the passing rotation and throws to all sorts of teenage receivers, tall and short.

"With the small ones, you've got to learn to take a little bit off when you throw it," Favre said. "I haven't had a parent call me and say, 'Are you trying to kill my son?' "

As for a possible return to the pros this fall, Favre says he will make a decision before the start of Minnesota Vikings training camp July 30.

He hasn't given his Oak Grove teammates any clues so far.

"He's been with us all summer," Williams said. "I was thinking he'd at least give us a hint or something."


Trivia time

In the four major professional sports, there are five team names shared by two teams each. What are the five names, and what are the teams?


Number change

Who is No. 1 on the Houston Rockets?

Today, it is Trevor Ariza, formerly of the Lakers, who agreed to the jersey number switch when Tracy McGrady said he wanted to swap his No. 1 for No. 3.

McGrady says he is making the switch to promote his humanitarian efforts in the Darfur region and a documentary on his summer 2007 trips to refugee camps in the region.

The title of the film is "3 Points," which refers to the goals of peace, protection and punishment.

The documentary is scheduled for release this fall.


Drive . . . and drive some more

The world's longest golf course, being built along a desert highway in the Australian Outback, is set to be completed next month, according to Agence France-Presse.

The par-71 Nullarbor Links stretches more than 848 miles and spans two time zones, with holes in 18 different towns in the desert between the states of South Australia and Western Australia.

Golfers will play one hole, then drive as many as 62 miles to get to the next tee.

"It's unique terrain," project chairman Don Harrington said. "There's something for everybody."


Trivia answer

L.A. Kings and Sacramento Kings; Texas Rangers and New York Rangers; Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Cardinals; Carolina Panthers and Florida Panthers; San Francisco Giants and New York Giants.

(Question and answer provided by Fred Dobrian of Anaheim.)


And finally

From Gary Loewen of the Toronto Sun, after ex-NFL player Travis Henry received three years in prison for drug trafficking: "Henry may be from Frostproof, Fla., but that's not going to keep him out of the cooler."


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