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Breeding vs. euthanasia

July 21, 2009

Re "Animal rights, writ too large," Opinion, July 16

Regarding Meghan Daum's column, millions of animals are euthanized in the U.S. every year. When animal breeders manage to find a home for each of those millions of creatures, I will listen to their arguments about the right to breed.

We are ultimately judged by how we treat the least fortunate among us. Right now the record is looking dismal.

Cheryl Kohr

Redondo Beach


I was very glad to see a bit of sanity in Daum's column.

I'll bet that the only people against spay/neuter laws are people who make money selling animals.

The laws were enacted for good reasons, including for those workers sick of having to euthanize millions of dogs and cats every year, only to have more pour in because of breeders who thoughtlessly continue to churn them out.

I work in a California animal shelter on the medical staff, where every week I befriend lots of sweet, friendly animals, and every week I see them put down.

It's a hard, depressing job. and I defy any breeders to come do it for a day.

David Bernazani

Concord, Calif.

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