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July 22, 2009

Today: Television, for week ended Sunday, July 19:

Top network shows

Viewers ages 18-49

1MLB All-Star Game (Tues.)

Fox, 6.2 million viewers

2 America's Got Talent (Tues.)

NBC, 4.8 million

3 MLB All-Star Pre-Game (Tues.)

Fox, 4.4 million

4 America's Got Talent (Wed.)

NBC, 3.9 million

5 Two and a Half Men

CBS, 3.6 million

Evening news shows

Total viewers

1NBC Nightly News

NBC, 7.4 million viewers

2 ABC World News Tonight

ABC, 6.5 million

3CBS Evening News

CBS, 5.1 million

Top cable shows

Total viewers

1Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana

Disney, 9.3 million viewers

2Home Run Derby

ESPN, 8.3 million

3Burn Notice

USA, 6.7 million

4The Closer

TNT, 6.6 million

5Royal Pains

USA, 6.2 million

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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