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Little leadership in hidden taxation

July 22, 2009

Re "Leaders strike deal on budget," July 21

You report that the deal the governor and legislative leaders reached to close California's budget deficit "does not include any broad-based tax increases."

But more than a billion dollars will come out of the paychecks of state employees and Cal State and University of California staff and faculty in the form of furloughs.

What are these furloughs if not a tax hike on state workers who provide essential services, and researchers and educators whose activities are an investment in California's future?

Bill Maurer

Long Beach

The writer is a professor of anthropology at UC Irvine.


Please don't allow the governor to claim that this budget deal was struck without tax increases.

With three furlough days each month, state workers are essentially paying a tax on their income, and they haven't had even a cost-of-living increase in years. Don't be fooled -- state workers, teachers, higher education and cities are being taxed very heavily in this budget.

Too bad our governor lacks the vision and the courage to support shared taxes. This budget deal jeopardizes the future of all Californians.

Marianne Coffey



As a Republican, of course I am delighted that the budget crisis has finally been resolved with no increase in our taxes.

The vision of Ronald Reagan has been vindicated: Government is not the answer, it's the problem.

Reneau H. Reneau



I just read the front-page budget article, and I am incensed. No one featured here is a leader, nor should they be smiling for this photo-op.

If they think that we voters are in favor of cutting essential services to the elderly and the poor, and drilling in Santa Barbara (again), then shame on them.

Susan Bernard Los Angeles


I can think of a lot of very descriptive words to describe the politicians who finally came to agreement on the state budget Monday, but "leaders" is not one of them.

Rick Livingood

Simi Valley


Why are these people smiling in your front-page photo?

They've just set about destroying California's educational system and, along with it, the future of the state.

Carol Barkin

Studio City


Wow. All of that "waste and fraud" in the government turned out to be in the programs for the elderly and infirm and in education. Who knew?

Darryl Dickey

Porter Ranch


Raising taxes on some things would be fairer than furloughs, and less disruptive to people's lives. The governor and the Republican Party are playing "chicken," and we are letting them do it.

Saran Kirschbaum

Los Angeles

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