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Budget deal backlash

July 23, 2009

Re "Opposition to budget deal erupts," July 22

The new California budget is a farce. The Democratic politicians did every sneaky thing possible except really cut the cost of government.

All the fake temporary fixes and cuts, such as furloughed workers, will vanish the instant the state gets some new tax money.

Real cuts require permanently reducing the pay scales and perks and retirement benefits of politicians and government employees. It requires permanently eliminating most of the costly commissions and agencies. Nothing else will really give taxpayers and businesses a chance to survive.

Dave Connell

Laguna Beach


The governor and Legislature insult wealthy Californians by portraying them as greedy money lovers who do not want to pay higher taxes to support the state that has afforded them so many advantages.

Instead, it's our elected leaders who have chosen to balance the budget on the backs of our state workers, the young, the elderly and the poor.

Newell Gragg



Let's face it, this was no compromise but an out-and-out GOP victory.

Because the GOP leaders stuck by their pledge to never raise taxes and to weaken the government "until it can be drowned in a bathtub," it was a foregone conclusion.

Of course the Democrats had to give in, because they cared about our government while the GOP minority had no interest in making California government better.

Emil Lawton

Sherman Oaks


Senate leader Darrell Steinberg states, "We have cut in many areas

This plan leaves tens of thousands of our disabled, our seniors and our children without healthcare and home care.

We will not tax oil companies for oil extraction like other states do. We will not tax the likes of Warren Buffett, who are willing and able to pay more to a society that has lent to their prosperity. But we will make the "pursuit of happiness" impossible for our most vulnerable citizens.

Maryanne Rose

Laguna Niguel


I have to ask: Where will the 27,000 released prisoners go with no jobs and no social service programs to help them?

Sue Roediger



Can we do better? I think so. Local city, county and school governments are closest to their constituents.

It's time to wrest control from Sacramento and bring it home. A constitutional convention, legislation or initiative -- whatever it takes. Let's get busy.

Chris Ungar

Los Osos, Calif.


I have lived in California for nearly 75 years and have seen good governors and bad governors, and I have seen competent governors and incompetent governors, but never have I seen a governor disgrace his office and the state he represents as much as our current grinning governor as he presides over the destruction of the state.

Our governor began his career as an elected official by pandering to the right wing of his party on fiscal issues, which contributed to the current situation. He became a celebrity governor who failed to exercise leadership or accept responsibility. And now that he is helping ruin the lives of so many, he has the audacity to stand before the cameras with a grin on his face.

Charles M. Weisenberg

Beverly Hills


Great. The governor and others will be out of office when the Republican budget takes full effect.

School test scores will be down, crime and homelessness up, the state colleges will fail and oil will spill off the coast. The middle class will flee, but at least we will not have raised taxes on the ultra-rich or on oil companies or on cigarettes.

Despite the direct responsibility of the Republican Party, the GOP will no doubt blame the Democrats and the labor unions for the fact that nothing in the state works.

I firmly believe in a two-party system. I'm just sorry one of them is the Republican Party.

Barry Wendell

West Hollywood


Inspired by the courageous actions of our governor and our legislators, my wife and I decided that we too had to make the same kind of "tough choices" to balance our budget. We've decided not to feed the children.

Bud Wiser

Studio City

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