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It all might come into focus after all

July 23, 2009|Mark Medina

It appears the third shooter and the released Zapruder film only raised more questions about what actually happened.

We're not talking about President Kennedy's assassination. We're talking about the video of Xavier University's Jordan Crawford dunking on LeBron James two weeks ago, which Nike confiscated from two cameramen.

On Wednesday, TMZ posted video from a third cameraman that apparently shows the dunk. "One copy survived -- and the tape proves all the reports are true," TMZ wrote.

"I am excited to see the tape along with my family and Xavier teammates," Crawford wrote in a statement.

Some are skeptical about the tape's validity, which is blurry and features arrows to distinguish Crawford and James.

Brett Pollakoff writes from the Fanhouse blog: "It's questionable whether or not we'll be able to determine with certainty whether these players are actually James and Crawford, or if this was in fact 'the dunk.' "

Trivia time

Of the 10 retired numbers on the pavilion walls at Dodger Stadium, which is the only one not belonging to a Brooklyn Dodger?

Some real coaching

A two-time Oscar winner and a prima donna football player sat together at a Lakers playoff game.

Instead of actor Denzel Washington and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco focusing on the game, Washington lit into the disgruntled star.

"He got on me about the way I handled myself last off-season," Ochocinco told Yahoo Sports' Michael Silver. "He wasn't being gentle. He said, 'You know what? You need to straighten up and stop fussing about something you have no control over. Make it fun again because it sure looks better when you do it that way.'

"That's all I needed to hear, especially from somebody like him."

It's about that time

Whether it was a rival's prank or a third-rate burglary, a vandalized Texas A&M locker room is the latest sign that the college football season is approaching.

Various athletic items were stolen from Texas A&M's football complex Monday night, KBTX-TV reported, but no arrests have been made.

There was, however, one key clue -- a message left in athletic tape on the locker room carpet.

It read, "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You."

The tune by that name is a tradition at the University of Texas, and it doesn't take a detective to conclude this may have been a Longhorns operation.

Trivia answer

Right-handed pitcher Don Sutton, a four-time All-Star who ranks as the franchise's all-time leader in wins (233), games pitched (550), innings pitched (3,814), strikeouts (2,696) and shutouts (52).

(Question and answer provided by Kenny Wolin of Studio City.)

And finally

ESPN magazine's Rick Reilly has had enough with Tiger Woods' temper tantrums.

"He's grown in every other way," Reilly wrote. "He's committed, responsible, smart, funny and the most talented golfer in history. I just thought we'd be over the conniptions by now."


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