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Looking back at a horror

July 24, 2009

Re "Inside the mind of a killer 'Santa,' " Column One, July 11

After reading your story, I am so surprised that Bruce Pardo was able to buy so many weapons from the same store without raising any suspicion.

Your story says that California law limits sales of concealable firearms to one per customer every 30 days, but perhaps if this store had been more proactive and called the police, this tragic crime could have been avoided.

Alejandro Lopez

Eagle Rock


This story was difficult to read but helpful in comprehending the magnitude of this tragedy that was so disturbing to me when it occurred last Christmas.

Pardo's former fiancee's comment may help sum him up: "Whatever he felt like, he did. There was no sense of responsibility."

It seems to me this monster was an outgrowth of an epidemic in this country today: self-entitlement and lack of personal responsibility for one's actions.

I don't see how anyone could do something so monstrous as this without having a complete lack of conscience.

Chris Van Duyn

Santa Clarita

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