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Looking for Lamar

July 25, 2009

Bill Plaschke's latest rant on the Lamar Odom marathon got a few things right and plenty wrong.

Of course, the Lakers should re-sign him. And, yes, they probably don't repeat as NBA champs without him. But, laying the blame or responsibility totally at the feet of Jerry Buss is ridiculous and unfair.

With nine championships and an unprecedented 28 playoff runs in the 30 years that he has owned the team, I don't question Buss' skill and savvy in running one of the most successful franchises in all of sports.

He made what most considered a very fair and generous offer to a 29-year-old almost-superstar.

Rick Solomon

Lake Balboa

What a rarity, Bill Plaschke got it right!

Mr. Buss needs to do what he normally does best, exercise good judgment based upon facts and analysis.

Odom, the glue that solidified the 2009 championship Lakers team, is an unselfish, hardworking, multitalented, pleasant and very popular player. Coming in from the bench, Odom repeatedly and enthusiastically cleaned up Andrew Bynum's messes.

It's time for Mr. Buss to hold 'em for Odom! So, hurry up and deal.

Barry Knowles

Palos Verdes Estates

Memo to Kobe: Here's your chance to be a hero. Volunteer to forgo $1 million a year for the next couple of years to help resolve the Odom issue. It will pressure both Odom and Buss to make it happen and it will do wonders for your off-court image.

Jack Wishard

Los Angeles

Lamar Odom needs to Google the name "Jody Reed" to see what happens to an athlete when he (and his agent) have a higher opinion of him than his team and all other teams in the league.

Erik Schuman

Fountain Valley


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