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FINA bans bodysuits that have led to spate of world records

The ruling, however, won't be in effect for the swimming world championships now being held in Rome.

July 25, 2009|Lisa Dillman

"Two things are for certain. First, TYR will continue to innovate within the rules, and secondly, it does not change the here and now. Though the proposed new rules may create a level playing field in the future, we should be asking the athletes competing in Rome just how level they think the playing field is for the world championships."

Swimmer Matt Grevers, who won two golds and a silver at the Beijing Olympics and is competing at the worlds, knows it will be different without the high-tech suits.

"We're probably going to jump back in time a bit. We're going to go back to the times we had before," he said. "It's a little strange. We're going fast now. We're feeling great.

"We go back to the old school," he said, referring to the old swimsuits, "and races are really going to hurt more."

Salo and Grevers joked that swimmers are going to have to get in better shape, and not let the suit do all the work.

"It's about the swimmer now," Grevers said. "I think it's going to be a little different in training too. You're probably going to have to be a little more fit. You can't be sagging, and tuck it in the suit."

Said Salo: "It devalued athleticism. A lot of these kids who aren't in very good shape can put on one of these suits and they were streamlined like a seal. Seals don't have to be skinny."


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