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'Henry Ford' leads an American car revolution

Also 'Katie Kazoo' and 'Tripods'

July 26, 2009

"Henry Ford: The Car Man"

Carin T. Ford

Henry Ford's invention created a new American industry. When Henry was young, he learned how steam engines worked while watching a teakettle boil on the stove in the kitchen. When the steam escaped the teakettle, Henry would stare at it and become very interested. He thought, "What if I made my own engine by steam?" After studying hard and watching teakettles, he made his first car, the Quadricycle. His interest in the car led up to his famous Model T.

Read the biography of Henry Ford so you can learn more about the beginnings of the automobile industry. I would recommend this book to first- to fifth-graders and all car enthusiasts out there. I give this book a four-star rating.

Reviewed by Rigby, 10

R.D. White Elementary Glendale


Katie Kazoo Books

Nancy Krulik

Katie Kazoo is featured in a series of books that stress imagination. She has a lot of adventures.

I like it because there is a lot of life in the characters. Also because Katie is a great girl. I have been reading these books since I was able to read aloud. I have read almost all the books. These are my favorite books. You should read them too.

Reviewed by Cali, fourth grade

Helmers Elementary Valencia


"When the Tripods Came"

John Christopher

Do you like to read about UFOs coming to Earth? Well, I have a book for you. Laurie (short for Laurence) lives with his dad, sister, grandmother and stepmother in England. While camping near a farm, a tripod from outer space shows up right in front of Laurie and his friend Andy!

In this story, there is a new TV show called "The Trippies." It hypnotizes watchers to "hail the tripod."

Then Laurie's family and Andy go on an adventure to Ireland. They try to avoid the tripods that are landing everywhere. Will they survive the dangerous journey? Read to find out.

Reviewed by Jasmine, 10

Vena Magnet Arleta

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