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Letters to the editor

The death of 6-year-old Dae'von Bailey, the final day of Sarah Palin and thoughts on Smokey the Bear.

July 28, 2009

Re "South L.A. boy died after previous reports of abuse,"

July 25

In the story of the tragic death of abused 6-year-old Dae'von Bailey, one comment is particularly telling. According to the story, his mother said she was not aware of any abuse of the boy by the man suspected of abusing him, although one of her other sons was "whipped" badly by the suspect about three years ago.

She apparently did not recognize the significance of that abuse, and thus it is no wonder that she did not recognize the potential threat to Dae'von.

We need to do more to educate people about what constitutes child abuse as one step toward stopping it before it escalates into tragedy.

Jacquelyn Gentry

Costa Mesa


I am reeling after reading this article.

I am so angry, but not at the county Department of Children and Family Services, which I believe has far too many cases to be handled by far too few employees.

Rather, I place the blame on the shoulders of mother Tylette Davis.

At age 28, she has six children, none of whom she could care for because she was "going through things." It appears her son, Dae'von, was also going through things.

This woman chose to leave two of her children with the suspect, who had previously "whipped" one of her other sons, while she "got her stuff together."

She chose to have these children, then she chose to abandon them and leave their care to others.

I have trouble feeling any pain for Tylette.

Eileen O'Neill

West Hills

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