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Sarah Palin steps down

July 28, 2009

Re "Palin addresses supporters, foes as she hands over office," July 27

As a Democrat, I agree with Sarah Palin's position. The best way for a Republican to serve the country is to leave office.

Jon Hartmann

Los Angeles


If I were a Republican interested in becoming president, I'd hitch my star to Palin's wagon.

She will run for president in 2012. I'd stay so close that after her nomination for president by the Republican Party, she'd have to choose me as her running mate.

With her charisma and conservative issues, our ticket would be elected. Then, after two years of serving as president, when she tired of a probing media, outside agitators, a non-cooperative legislature and convinced that she could help the nation better being outside of government, she'd resign.

Then I'd be president.

Herman Sillas

San Clemente


In her farewell speech as Alaska governor, Palin admonished the media: "Our new governor has a very nice family too, so leave his kids alone."

The truth is that Palin should have heeded her own advice.

Ever since she entered the political spotlight, Palin has paraded her children in front of the media for photo opportunities and to advance her own agenda.

Jonathan Horowitz



Departing Sarah Palin says, "The government won't make you healthy, wealthy or wise." More know-nothing sloganeering.

Healthy? Millions of Americans have no health insurance, and only government action on healthcare will change that. Has Palin heard of public hospitals or the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

Wealthy? Tens of millions are unemployed, underemployed and disabled from disease and age. Government unemployment insurance, disability benefits, food stamps, home care and -- dare we utter the word -- welfare might not look like wealth to Palin, but they sure do to recipients.

Wise? Most grade schools and high schools are public schools. The public universities of many states are among the best in the world. Palin's next step should be to enroll in one.

Ira Spiro

Los Angeles

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