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Wave of controversy

July 29, 2009

Re "Long Beach's barrier riff," July 24

As a surfer who began in Alamitos Bay in the late 1950s, I applaud the effort to reestablish waves in Long Beach.

Before the breakwater, the "flood control" at the outlet of the Los Angeles River was a go-to south swell surf break.

Ever since the breakwater, Long Beach has been primarily a surfing backwater whose lore is all about the past.

Communities with waves cope with the natural ocean and, in turn, receive the beauty and allure and economic boost.

Steve Pezman

San Clemente

We are new residents to Long Beach. We enjoy it very much, but we believe that officials need to consider cleaning the beach on the weekends if they want to increase its attractiveness and improve revenues.

Monday through Friday, city workers clean the beach, but we don't see them on the weekend, when tourists and citizens want to enjoy the beach and promenade.

So before we start thinking about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the breakwater, we should spend money keeping the shore clean.

Anna and Jon Zaich

Long Beach

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