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Sale of Simpson evidence planned

June 02, 2009|Harriet Ryan

Footballs, jerseys and other O.J. Simpson memorabilia used as evidence in the former NFL star's armed robbery and kidnapping trial in Las Vegas are now in a Santa Monica courthouse awaiting a sale, according to a lawyer for Fred Goldman.

The items are to be sold to satisfy part of the $33.5-million civil judgment against Simpson in the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole, and Goldman's son, Ron, the lawyer said.

A spokesman for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department said the agency had received one box of memorabilia.

A Las Vegas jury convicted Simpson in October of a host of felonies stemming from an encounter with memorabilia dealers in a casino hotel room in 2007. Simpson, 61, is serving a sentence of nine to 33 years in a northern Nevada prison.

The men believed they were meeting a potential buyer, but instead Simpson and a group of associates, some armed, confronted the two dealers and seized the memorabilia.

Goldman attorney David Cook said he expected the dealers and perhaps others involved in the case to try to claim the items before the sale.

-- Harriet Ryan

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