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L.A.'s reefer madness

June 05, 2009

Re "Banned, but they're cropping up all over," June 3

Pot dispensaries a problem? Let's get our priorities straight.

So more than 600 medical marijuana storefronts have appeared in Los Angeles. So what's next? We get an army of law enforcement officers to fan out all over the city and shut them down? Which costs what, hundreds of thousands of dollars at least?

The state of California is broke, and Los Angeles isn't far behind.

Our schools should be first in line to receive money before we engage in any frivolous attack on the least important problem this city faces.

Larry Shulman

Beverly Hills


Because the dire effects of marijuana use that America's drug crusaders warned of have never materialized, what difference does it make how many marijuana dispensaries Los Angeles has?

The city fathers should stick to opposing real crime and let the reefer madness go.

Floyd Krautner


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