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Kevin Love's view: Lakers unbeatable if Kobe keeps this up

The rookie center from UCLA says that when Kobe Bryant plays as well as he did in Game 1, it's too much for the Magic to overcome against the Lakers.

June 06, 2009

Kevin Love just finished his rookie NBA season with the Minnesota Timberwolves after one year at UCLA, where he was an All-American. Love is working for NBA TV during the Finals.


I don't think the Lakers can be beat any time Kobe Bryant plays the way he did. Not with all the other stars on that team. Pau Gasol was the second-leading scorer, Andrew Bynum played pretty well and, what, Dwight Howard made only one field goal. I don't think the Lakers could have been beaten in Game 1.

It's tough, really, for Orlando because the Magic can only hope to contain a guy like Kobe, and offensively I think they need to get other guys to cut more off Howard. I think Rafer Alston said that, that they can't stand around and watch Dwight. With the double teams and stuff, three-pointers aren't going to be open unless they all start moving.

Breaking down the Lakers' defense, I thought that from all season that was the best defense I saw the Lakers play.

I was very surprised at the blowout. I didn't think the Lakers would get to 100 points because Orlando has such an intimidating defensive presence in Howard, who's 6-11, and Rashard Lewis, who's 6-10.

But when Kobe scores 40 points, Orlando starts double-teaming, Kobe penetrates, that opens up everything else.

People give Bynum a hard time, but I think he set a good tempo early on. He got a dunk, he was really active.

I don't know if this series can go to six if Kobe keeps playing that way.

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