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Commitment of Orlando's Dwight Howard is challenged

Staff writer Mike Bresnahan ties up some loose ends on days of Lakers playoff games.

June 09, 2009|Mike Breshahan

Staff writer Mike Bresnahan ties up some loose ends on days of Lakers playoff games:

That didn't take long.

The Orlando Magic lost the first two games of the Finals, enough for Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi to publicly question Magic center Dwight Howard.

"The fact is, Dwight is too predictable in the paint," Bianchi wrote. "Because his moves are so basic, Lakers defenders seem to know what he's going to do when he catches the ball. He had seven of the Magic's 20 turnovers in Game 2 after recording only one field goal in Game 1.

"Dwight must be more like Kobe this summer. He must work harder than anybody with the intention of becoming better than everybody. Kobe puts in marathon six-hour, six-days-a-week workouts during the off-season.

"What about you, Dwight? Do you want it as badly as Kobe does?"

Uh-oh. Things aren't looking so cheerful in the Sunshine State.


Q&A of the day

Question: Is Kobe hoping to continue his personal "Destroy all Blue Devils" tour (Carlos Boozer, Shane Battier, Dahntay Jones) by annihilating J.J. Redick? Is this some kind of message to Coach K?

-- Art Enyedy, Seattle

Answer: Wow, Art, good observation. Are you sure you aren't writing this from the University of North Carolina?

In fact, are you sure your name isn't really Mitch Kupchak? Don't lie to me, Mitch! We can trace the IP address through this e-mail! We'll find you!


Bug in the programming?

The following was e-mailed to me before Game 1.

"EA Sports 'NBA Live10' simulation has predicted that the Orlando Magic will capture their first NBA Championship by defeating the Los Angeles Lakers in seven games during The Finals 2009. After losing the first two games and trailing the Lakers 3-2, Finals MVP Dwight Howard led the Magic to two consecutive wins to close out the series."

It might be a bit too early to say it, but, uh, I don't think that's going to happen.


Final thought

I've picked against the Lakers in every Game 3 so far in the playoffs, so why change now? Orlando's got to win at least one in this series, and tonight might be the time.


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