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Don't touch that dial, ever

June 15, 2009

Re "Here comes the blue screen," June 11

There's no mention in your article of the black screen with the beautiful, multi-colored "No Signal" floating lazily in it. One converter box and a $50 amplified digital antenna later, I only get two channels -- one that I don't watch and another that I don't understand.

The hill between our house and the big antennas on Mt. Wilson has done what no amount of bad programming has been able to do.

So goodbye to my all-CBS Sunday night, to the crew on "NCIS," to the travels of Huell Howser, to those endearing old Brit comedies, to Nature, to the Washington insiders, to the latest incarnation of "CSI" and all its spinoffs -- and to the UCLA-USC football game (go Bruins).

Ellen Zunino



My suggestion for these 2.8 million people nationally whose homes were not set for the TV signal change: Start reading books.

William deLorimier

San Gabriel


This whole thing makes me laugh. I haven't watched TV since 1997. These remaining people whose TVs aren't yet converted should count their blessings. They will have a lot more time and get a lot more done without TV blasting their brains.

I read newspapers and books and am in touch with friends and family. It could really be a good thing for society if none of the digital signals work.

Carrie Stuart

Santa Clarita

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