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Lakers' Phil Jackson caps off win in style

The yellow "X" cap he wore a few minutes after the Lakers won the NBA title spawns a deluge of calls from fans wanting one.

June 17, 2009|Mike Bresnahan and Mike Bresnahan

What started as a small gift from a pair of agents to their well-known client has taken off in an unexpected direction.

The yellow "X" cap that Lakers Coach Phil Jackson donned a few minutes after the Lakers won the NBA championship on Sunday in Orlando, Fla., spawned a deluge of phone calls to the office of Jackson's father-and-son agent team of Todd and Brian Musburger.

Jackson initially thought his sons and daughters created the cap for him, but the Musburgers made it as a symbol of Jackson's winning his 10th NBA championship as a coach.

The dates of Jackson's championship coaching seasons were inscribed on the side of the cap -- six of his championships came with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s, the other four with the Lakers this decade.

"Our office has been flooded with calls for them," Todd Musburger said. "We never expected it to mushroom. We expected it to be a private gift to our friend."

The Musburgers have decided to sell the cap for $25 through

All proceeds will go to the American Indian College Fund, as per Jackson's wishes, Musburger said.

-- Mike Bresnahan

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