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Showing cable out the door

March 01, 2009

Re: "Early converts to digital are fuzzy about benefits," Feb. 17:

When I installed my digital converter on my TV, I was so pleased that I took my cable boxes back to the cable company and stopped my service.

Previously, I could only receive five channels using rabbit ears here in Costa Mesa. The converter box brings in 50.

Previously I got three PBS stations. Now I get 12. Many of the digital channels are not available on cable.

I noticed on the back of a converter box there was a special CEA909 jack marked "Smart Antenna."

The people at Radio Shack and Fry's had never heard of it. I found one online for $55 and ordered it.

Do I miss cable? Nope. Especially not the $50 monthly fee.

William DuBay

Costa Mesa

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