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The Titanic's tragic journey

March 01, 2009

"Titanic: Magic Treehouse Research Guide #7"

Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne

Almost 100 years ago, the Titanic was the biggest ship in the world and everyone said it was unsinkable. The ship had its own swimming pool and was loaded with more than 40 tons of potatoes when it left England for New York City in April 1912. The first-class dining room could seat more than 550 people -- there were only five children in first class! After it hit an iceberg, women and children were told to get on the lifeboats first, but there were not enough boats to save everyone. Another ship named Carpathia rescued 700 passengers and took them to New York. Titanic broke in half as it was sinking and more than 1,500 people were killed.

I think everyone should read this book because it is very interesting. It is important to learn about history.

Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne make the story easy to understand.

Reviewed by Katharine, 9

Oak Hills Elementary, Oak Park


"The Eagle: The Lighthouse Family"

Cynthia Rylant

Three mice live in a lighthouse at the edge of a mysterious forest. The mice orphans become curious and ask permission to explore the forest. They discover enchantment, adventure and a new friend. But first they get lost. Will they ever find their way out?

Reviewed by Diane, 7

Welby Way Magnet, West Hills


"The Mystery at Lilac Inn"

Carolyn Keene

When I started to read this story I thought it was going to be a boring mystery. But now I know it is exciting. I never knew what was going to happen next. First one thing and then another. You think, "What's going to happen?"

Aided by her two friends, Nancy Drew has to catch a diamond thief. The mystery takes place at a place called Lilac Inn. Will Nancy catch the thief? Read the book and find out.

I like this story because it is weird and exciting. Nancy Drew stories are really cool. You should read them all. You can also learn new vocabulary words.

Reviewed by Paolo, 10

3rd Street Elementary Los Angeles

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