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Missoni wraps up in layers of leggings and knits

Styling was a highlight of the fall collection, which included cardigans over cardigans, and multiple scarves draped around the neck.


MILAN — It's not often that I really want to snuggle up to a collection, but such was the case with the lusciously layered, sunset-hued Missoni collection shown Thursday. Let's start with the cashmere leg warmers in Missoni's signature tonal knit patterns. Any legging-wearing woman worth her salt will be lusting after those come winter. They are the Milan season's first must-have, or must-want.

Styling was a highlight here. Because even if you can't afford Missoni's tonal peach, blush, camel, gray and cerulean blue knits for fall, you can crib from the way they were put together on the runway.

Leggings were layered under short sweater skirts or cowl-neck sweater dresses. Cropped mohair cardigans were worn over longer cardigans. Spidery metallic mohair coats topped tweed blazers.

Ankle-skimming fringed scarves were draped around the neck in twos and threes, along with long gold chains. And they weren't just plain scarves; there were hooded scarves and cardigan scarves (a cardigan with a scarf attached) too. Berets, camisoles, even knit shorts in flame-like designs, shot through with metallic thread, rounded out the mix.

This was knitwear to the max, with varying weaves and weights blending seamlessly into the next, like paint in an artist's palette. About as close to irresistible as clothes can get.


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