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Clinton in China: Help or hurt?

March 01, 2009

Re "Clinton, Chinese pledge to expand cooperation," Feb. 22

Why am I not surprised that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton did not meet with any high-profile dissidents in China, and said that she wouldn't let concerns about human rights abuses get in the way of trade talks?

So we shouldn't, as a nation, worry about how people are mistreated by another government? We are willing to look the other way to pave the way for economic prosperity?

Wasn't that logic one of the main justifications for slavery? That some must suffer so that another, more important class can prosper? I'm embarrassed.

K.C. Williams

San Clemente


Clinton's focus on substantive international issues may help our country. By not getting into questions about human rights, she will achieve greater success.

We wouldn't want a diplomat from China to visit us and announce that rich people in America get away with economic crimes and that the ripple effects from those crimes are now hurting other countries -- and oh, by the way, let's work on global warming.

Give China the respect it deserves, and applaud Clinton's efforts.

Stephen V. Hymowitz

Hollywood Hills

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