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'Class warfare' shots

March 03, 2009

Re "For the rich, this is no small change," Feb. 28

Brian Reidl, budget analyst at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, says President Obama's tax plan amounts to class warfare against the rich.

What he doesn't seem to realize is that if the growing inequality between the rich and the poor and the shrinking middle class continues as it has during the past 10-plus years, we are apt to experience real class warfare.

Supply-side, trickle-down economics has been thoroughly discredited. It has resulted in an unstable economy and a less equitable society.

Gary Nagy


I have employed about 50 people during the last 20 years, and my family's taxable income is about $300,000. In order to avoid paying a higher percentage of taxes on all of my income, I will decrease output, lay off some staff and still end up keeping the same amount.

I have no incentive to hire people or expand my business, because the more I make, the more President Obama will take to expand government. This discourages expansion of the private sector. It will backfire with disastrous consequences for all.

It is repulsive that Obama is being allowed to take this country backward by pickpocketing the very people who run the private sector through their energy, money and creativity.

Kay Santos

Diamond Bar


How about making April 15 a national paid holiday dedicated to showing our appreciation to all those $250,000-plus taxpayers who struggled through college, postponed marriage during grad school and put off having children until they paid off their educational loans and became established in their careers? Obama wants to redistribute their wealth so that 50% of families in the country are relieved of their tax obligations, according to one estimate. These top-20% fat cats deserve some appreciation, right?

Bill Gravlin

Rancho Palos Verdes


As a multimillionaire who will take a hit under the proposed new budget, I strongly support Obama's transformative priorities, which will ensure long-overdue economic justice to the middle class and poor.

Rather than contributing to "class warfare," Obama's significant financial commitment to improving public education and creating a national healthcare system for all is an investment in a stronger, more fair and more competitive America.

All Americans will benefit from creating a more economically viable middle class and from aiding the poor.

Harry Sauberman

Newport Coast

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