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California dysfunction

March 04, 2009

Re "Less of a return on the tax dollar," News Analysis, March 1

Based on my experience, scholar Joel Kotkin understates the comparison of Texas' roads and schools with California's -- they are not "better than or equal to ours," they are far better. And as for the tax differences between the two states, I paid far more real estate tax per dollar value of my home in Texas, though I paid far less for the home. Those taxes, though, went directly to my local school district and roads, which were excellent.

It is clear to me that our state government and our tax allocation system in California are out of control to the point of utter dysfunction. California once led the nation with its highways and public education. We must send a message to our legislators to put the good of the people over the partisan ideology, stonewalling and manipulation that has become acceptable here.

Jan Stallones



There is a reason we pay more and get less: illegal immigration.

Unless this is addressed, we will rapidly move toward the Mexican quality of life rather than the American, doing favors for no one.

Laws need to be enforced; people need to be deported.

Adam White


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