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Taxpayers stuck with tabs

March 04, 2009

Re "State-funded trips zip right past frugality," March 1, and "Lawmakers go on a quiet hunt for waste," Column, March 2

On Sunday, The Times ran an expose of high-ranking officials who seek reimbursement for questionable, and possibly fraudulent, expenses.

On Monday, George Skelton reported on the creation of the Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review Committee, an attempt to trace government waste and fraud.

A few suggestions for California officials:

* Abolish the committee and read the paper.

* File criminal charges against everyone exposed by The Times as an example to others.

* Don't insult our intelligence by pretending you care. Have your stupid meeting, adjourn, and go to an expensive restaurant and bill the taxpayers for dinner.

David Goodwin

Los Angeles


This is yet another example of why I never vote for any tax increase. If every penny paid to every government worker were published on the Internet, we would see firsthand who our so-called public servants actually serve.

G. Douglas Andersen



I frequently disagree with The Times' editorial positions, but the article about the state-funded trips for California's appointed bureaucrats illustrates why newspapers and top-notch reporters are so vital.

Marilyn J. Collier

Twentynine Palms

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