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The debate over speech

March 05, 2009

Re "A lesson in expression," editorial, Feb. 27

I teach political science at Riverside Community College. There are students who would like to forgo the research it takes to understand an issue and instead depend on information they learned at Bible study. This is unacceptable.

I have no problem with a student expressing his or her opinion in a class discussion. But if the assignment is to write an informative speech about gay marriage, and the student only factors in a religious argument, he would probably end up with an F in my classroom.

Gloria Badal

Anaheim Hills


A teacher insults a student he disagrees with and that constitutes an infringement on the student's rights? Jonathan Lopez articulated his religious views on gay-marriage rights, and his teacher called him a "fascist bastard." Sounds to me like both had their say. If students have a right to free speech but teachers do not, college is going to be much more fun than I thought.

Karen Dewey

Long Beach

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