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Almost 5 million square feet of graffiti removed along L.A. freeways last year

March 07, 2009|Steve Hymon

The Los Angeles City Council recently asked Caltrans for an update on maintenance issues along freeways in the city. The staff of Caltrans District 7 -- which includes Los Angeles and Ventura counties -- produced a response. Here are the numbers:

* 75% of all landscaped areas along the district are in need of rehabilitation, and about 90% of the vegetation is at or near the end of its natural life.

* 7,622,234 square feet of graffiti were removed from along freeways in the district last year, including 4,479,674 square feet within the city.

* Removing the graffiti cost $2.7 million.

* 60,743 cubic yards of litter were removed from freeways in the district last year, including 14,438 cubic yards in L.A. Sometimes, however, it takes a week or more for Caltrans to remove various car parts lodged in the guardrail of the Pasadena Freeway.

* Removing the garbage cost $8 million.

* 599 homeless camps were "cleaned up" along freeways in the district last year.


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