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Running into trouble

March 07, 2009

Re "I'd rather be running," Opinion, March 1

In these times of trouble, might it not be a good idea for people to go to church on Sunday morning?

Maybe we are in this mess because God is given a back seat -- and maybe not even a seat at all -- on the bus.

What's wrong with having the marathon on Saturday, so all those tens of thousands of spectators might then go to the stores along the route after the race? Then maybe they might attend a church of their choice on Sunday morning. Our world and country need their prayers.

R. Wolf

Apple Valley


I have run the L.A. Marathon for the last 15 years, though I'm sitting out this year's race. I looked forward to it every year. Running through the city is very inspiring and offers a view most people never experience.

I find it exasperating that a few church leaders (those who are supposed to bring the community together) have driven a spike right through the biggest community event in Los Angeles.

Instead of complaining about nonattendance because of the race, they should cherish the day and celebrate the one event that really brings people in Los Angeles together. They probably have no idea how much money is raised for charity by the runners.

Many other cities have marathons on Sunday. Los Angeles should be able to figure it out.

John Mizenko


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