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Deferring to the Dodgers

March 07, 2009

With the Manny deal consummated, I would like to thank Frank McCourt on behalf of all Dodgers season-ticket holders for publicizing an accounting strategy I hadn't considered before last week. As it relates to my $25,000 season-ticket invoice that is now well overdue, I have just mailed a check for $5,000 and will defer the balance over the next four years without interest. After all, as Mr. McCourt espouses, "it provides financial flexibility, which is a great thing to have in this economy."

Rich Sperber, Woodland Hills

So the next time we go to Dodger Stadium, we're going to tell the parking lot attendant to defer the $15 for a couple of years. I'm certain that would be OK with the royal family of Jamie and Frank.

Fred Wallin

Westlake Village


Wow, what a relief. Manny signed. I rushed right out and put some money down on several No. 99 jerseys. Probably more than I should have and for sure more than I can afford. But, again, what a relief. He's going to be a Dodger. That's all that matters. Does anybody sell a Scott Boras jersey?

I'll be selling some of my assets so that I can get my car repaired so that I can drive to Dodger Stadium and pay $15 for parking and then seats for my family. I guess those will have to be out in left field where even there I can't really afford them. But, what the hey, Manny signed. We can watch him patrol the outfield from there up close and personal.

We'll eat at home before we go to the game in order to conserve our cash. But for $45 million the McCourts are going to need my modest contributions. I'd give more, but I'm pretty sure that I don't qualify for one of those federal bailout things everyone is talking about. I would need that to be more generous. But as I say, what a relief, Manny signed. That's all that matters.

John Thom

Los Angeles


The picture gracing the front page of Friday's sports page says it all. We have Ned Colletti and Frank McCourt kissing Scott Boras' rear end and Manny Ramirez looking on, probably wondering just how much these two bootlickers really love him.

Frame this wonderful portrait and pull it out around the All-Star break when Manny implodes and the Dodgers' pitching staff tanks. Ah, memories.

Jack Kenna



Thank goodness the Manny negotiations are over. Trying to find a sympathetic figure among Frank McCourt, Ned Colletti and Scott Boras is tougher than finding a worthwhile column by Plaschke or Simers.

Mark Backstrom

Redondo Beach


Congratulations to the Dodgers for becoming relevant for the upcoming season. Like him or not, Manny makes the Dodgers infinitely more interesting and fun to watch. The Dodgers without Manny are like the Lakers without Kobe, i.e. the Clippers.

Bill Hokans

Santa Ana


On page C6 of Tuesday's paper, I read an article on the Dodgers' pitching staff. On C7 the automotive classifieds started. It's appropriate since both are filled with retreads.

Andy Schwich

Santa Monica


After watching the saga of "Manny and the Dodge Boys" unfold, what I can say except, "Thank you, Arte and the Angels, from the bottom of my heart, for being such a classy and well-run organization."

Joe Reynolds

Huntington Beach

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