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Venting about property taxes

March 08, 2009

Re: David Lazarus' consumer column, "Offer to reassess home raises red flag," Feb. 26:

I fell for this scam. I feel like an idiot. No recourse either. No reply when you call the company. I never got to speak with a person.

The check was cashed in a bank in Lake Arrowhead area. I find it amazing that through the law, no action can be taken against this company. Thanks for the article. These people are thieves and should be arrested and fined heavily.

Tim McGrath

Long Beach


I purchased a condo in May 2007 and watched as units in my complex began to sell for 25% less than what I had paid. Did the county reassess my unit? No. They said there was no drop in value, and I am now waiting to have an appeal done.

But what is more troubling is that owners of more than 78,000 properties felt they were shortchanged by the assessor, and only after an appeal did 35,000 properties get reduced, with the average reduction of $93,000.

Personally I will be very happy to give a percentage of my first year's savings to a company to make sure that my legal rights to have this reduction is done.

Barry Levy


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