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Not taking the Ann Coulter bait

March 08, 2009

Still groggy without Sunday morning coffee, I misread your headline and thought that Ann Coulter had been placed in charge of the NEA. I was relieved to see it was merely a conjecture. Always angry at myself when I fall for Ms. Coulter's shrewdly calculated liberal-baiting, I nonetheless bristled and then laughed out loud when she leaps to mention Norman Rockwell, a fine artist whose homely portraits are likely miles from Ms. Coulter's true taste.

It's just another gag in Coulter's routine, her endless and lucrative shtick, an insistence that she, the wealthy, sophisticated woman, is somehow "just one of the folks."

Douglas Soesbe

Sherman Oaks


Increasingly, billions of our tax dollars are spent on blowing up other world governments and people we dislike. Supporting creative minds, projects and environments via NEA funding seems a much more beneficial long-term investment for Americans and others, including Ann "Cold Her."

John Holmstrom



Shame on you. How ironic that in a compilation of ideas from artists, educators, journalists and policy-makers -- people who have made a real contribution to our culture -- you chose to so prominently feature Ann Coulter, a person who spews hate and encourages ignorance, whose entire career is a stunt that feeds on exposure. The kind of exposure you handed to her on a silver platter.

There's plenty of intelligent discourse out there about the future of arts in America. Next time you want to include both sides of the argument, find someone who actually knows what she's talking about.

Meg Jackson

Santa Monica


If I ran the NEA the first thing I would do is change the slogan that utterly fails to express the importance of art in society. A great nation deserves great art? Rather -- great art a great nation makes.

Julie Atherton

Santa Ana

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