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Reid needs to change

March 11, 2009

Re "Take him on at your own risk," March 7

While most Americans realize that our current situation requires sacrifice and working together, politicians still brag about who can bring home the most for their narrow constituencies. What about what is good for the nation? If the nation recovers, we all benefit, not just the scattered districts with powerful politicians. How can Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) expect players in areas such as healthcare to consider the overall good if he does not?

You will be able to tell when the crisis finally reaches its low point. It will be when politicians like Reid heed President Obama's call to change the old ways.

Darrel Miller

Santa Monica


Democrats in Nevada might feel good about their senator, but in much of the rest of the U.S. they are still waiting for Reid to show some guts. It seems Republicans still control the Senate. I can't recall a Senate leader caving so often to so few.

Jeff Button

San Clemente

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