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Bills fans hope Terrell Owens is a 'jerk' in progress

Despite trepidation surrounding the team's signing of the controversial receiver, some appear to be embracing it. As one e-mailer put it, while Owens may be a jerk, 'HE IS OUR JERK.'

March 11, 2009|Mike Penner

When you think of the city of Buffalo, what comes first to mind? Snow. Bills football. Snow. Hot chicken wings. Snow. Four consecutive Super Bowl defeats. Snow.

And now . . . T.O.?

Bills fans are grappling with the team's latest signing, knowing that Terrell Owens might be hazardous to the health of the team they love, but maybe, just maybe, he'll be worth the risk for the short term.

Typical of the reaction was this e-mail on the website for local radio station WGR 550, written by John in Fredonia: "I've heard a few callers say T.O. is a jerk . . . and I like most agree with that.

"The difference now is, HE IS OUR JERK.

"Don't like him but I love the move. Hey, it's one year, what's the harm?"

Oh, Buffalo, you're about to find out.

Trivia time

How many 300-yard passing games did the Bills' offense have in 2008?

Chip off the old block?

Franco Dok Harris, the 29-year-old son of former Pittsburgh Steelers great Franco Harris, has announced plans to run for mayor of Pittsburgh.

He is very much a longshot, running for office as an Independent candidate. He said he was inspired by Barack Obama's presidential campaign, also once considered a longshot.

The website had this comment about the article:

"Son of NFL great Franco Harris running for mayor of Pittsburgh, but is expected to leave the race early by going out of bounds."

Think what he'll do by age 7

Here's a tabloid headline certain to grab one's immediate attention: "Lad, 6, climbs five Everests".

So begins the Sun's tale of "plucky climber" Tom Fryers, who has scaled 214 peaks in England, the equivalent of five treks up Mt. Everest.

Fryers collected donations in support of his climbs, raising about $5,000 for charity. Fryers, who nearly died at birth because of breathing problems, gave the money to the hospital that saved his life.

His father, Paul, told the tabloid, "It's a miracle Tom survived. Now he couldn't be more alive."

Said young Tom: "The best part is going down. But it's also good being at the top."

Trivia answer


And finally

Former major league manager Mike Hargrove was asked on Washington's WTOP Radio what qualified him to serve as Italy's bench coach during the World Baseball Classic.

Hargrove's response: "I know how to spell lasagna."


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