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Trip to Florida was a shattering experience

Orson Charles, a five-star tight end prospect from Tampa, Fla., took an unforgettable tour of the University of Florida football facility.

March 12, 2009|Sam Farmer

Orson Charles, a five-star tight end prospect from Tampa, Fla., took an unforgettable tour last April of the University of Florida football facility.

And, in this case, unforgettable was not a good thing.

According to the Palm Beach Post's "Inside UF" blog, Charles bumped into the 2006 BCS Championship crystal, knocking it to the ground and shattering it.

"Nobody said anything for 10 minutes, then Florida assistant coach John Hevesy said, 'What do I do? Who do I call? Did you know that was $35,000!' " Charles said at the time. "I just stood there with this baby look and said, 'Sorry.' Then he joked and said, 'You've got to commit to Florida now.' "

Charles committed to Georgia. Talk about a bump-and-run specialist.

Trivia time

Which British ice dancing team became the first skaters to receive nine perfect 6.0s in the world championships 25 years ago today?

Twitter turns on a twit

A little mobile-phone mischief has turned into a big headache for one college student. James Monsey, a Washington State senior, tried to mess with the mojo of Washington forward Jon Brockman before last weekend's UW-WSU basketball game. Monsey prank called him two dozen times the night before, unaware that caller ID revealed his identity.

Brockman, who had wisely switched his phone to silent, returned the favor the next day after pulling down a career-high 18 rebounds in a Washington victory.

"Requesting all dawg fans to call [Monsey's number] and tell him about the husky win. . . . " Brockman wrote on his Twitter page. "[H]e called me 25 times last night . . . let him have it!"

Monsey told the Seattle Weekly that, in the hours that followed the posting, he had received about 400 calls.

You believe in mirakelen?

By now, you know the Netherlands stunned the mighty Dominican Republic with a 2-1 victory in 11 innings Tuesday at the World Baseball Classic.

But consider these numbers, courtesy of the New England Sports Network: The Dominican Republic roster consisted of 23 players in the big leagues, 1,801 career home runs in the majors and a team salary totaling $83.4 million.

The Netherlands squad has two major leaguers, 82 big league home runs and a team salary of $400,000.

Trivia answer

Torvill and Dean.

Megabucks for megabytes

A Yale student is seeking $1 million from US Airways for a video-game console he says was taken from his luggage.

Jesse Maiman, 21, alleges that his modified Xbox 360 was removed from his checked baggage on a flight in December from New Haven, Conn., to Cincinnati. Since, he says, he has gotten "an unconscionable run-around" from the airlines, and filed suit this week in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court.

As for the $1 million in damages? You might call that stark-raving Madden.


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