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Chopper pilot's license revoked

March 13, 2009|Tony Perry

The Federal Aviation Administration has revoked the license of a La Jolla helicopter pilot who was videotaped having sex with a Swedish porn actress while flying over San Diego.

David Keith Martz, 52, has appealed the revocation. A public hearing will be held in San Diego within the next 30 days.

Martz has had two previous revocations and two suspensions in recent years for allegedly flying too low over a residential neighborhood, flying with damage to his helicopter and landing too close to a military airport.

Martz, a former San Diego State student, is a real estate developer with a passion for helicopters and sports cars and is a friend of rock drummer Tommy Lee. Martz allegedly made the video in 2007, but it was not known publicly until it appeared on a website.

The FAA said that while the pilot and the woman were engaged in a sex act, the woman's body blocked him from access to the helicopter's controls.


-- Tony Perry

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