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A pot project

March 13, 2009

Re "The science of pot," March 10

The Times' editorial urges research on the medicinal use of marijuana. This is a long-overdue policy change.

In 1988, I was an attorney who sued the Drug Enforcement Administration over its refusal to allow medical use of marijuana. The DEA administrative law judge at the time ruled in our favor, describing his own agency as "arbitrary and capricious" for denying access to cannabis for medical purposes; he was overruled by the appointed head of the DEA.

The research at the time showed marijuana to be safe and effective for cancer treatment, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and other illnesses.

President Obama's call for reinstituting science should include reigniting research on medical marijuana.

Kevin B. Zeese



The writer is president of Common Sense for Drug Policy, a nonprofit dedicated to reforming drug laws.

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