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Diverse viewpoints on 'Idol'

March 14, 2009

Ann Powers seems to want "American Idol" to become something it's not and should never be ["It's Time for 'Idol' to Open Closet Door," March 10].

It isn't "Idol's" debt to society to drag people out of the gay closet for better or worse. Nor should it have any obligation to buy into the inappropriate racy lyrics that Powers says dominate the pop charts. There are enough other venues and media for people who are so inclined to access those topics and genres. The fact that "American Idol" doesn't prioritize those and other political and societal issues is what makes it unique.

For now and forever, I like my "Idol" as is, entertaining and benign.

Manny Rodriguez

West Hollywood


Millions of teenagers watch that show, and every time a talented young man/woman must remain closeted, "Idol" reinforces in their minds that being different is unacceptable.

The suicide rate for gay/lesbian/bisexual and transgendered teens is staggering! "Idol," be brave and encourage diversity!

Chris Cunningham



Ann Powers' commentary reflects exactly what is wrong with our society as she attempts to castigate that which is good by calling it bad simply because she doesn't like wholesome, traditional entertainment.

Viewers are not blind. If Adam Lambert is a homosexual, which he certainly conveys, that is his choice. It is not the show's business to promote his lifestyle, denigrate it or even endorse it. He sings great, is a good entertainer, and that is all that the show should put on the stage.

Powers should stick to writing and not dabble in social engineering.

David Caine

Lake Arrowhead

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