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Host Glenn Beck and Fox News

March 14, 2009

I read with amazement the article about Glenn Beck ["Glenn Beck Is Fox's Cannon," by Matea Gold, March 6]. Roger Ailes is quoted as saying that Fox News is one of the only news outlets willing to challenge the new administration. Since when is it the duty of any news organization to challenge anything? A news organization presents the facts, and we get to digest that information and draw our own conclusions.

Fox "News" is not news -- it is personal opinion and editorialization. Plain and simple.

Cindy Cole

Huntington Beach


Contrary to the subheading on this article, there is nothing "loyal" (a word Matea Gold didn't use in the actual article) about Fox News' opposition to Barack Obama.

Not since William Randolph Hearst's infamous editorials against William McKinley has any president been subjected to as vicious, vituperative and unrelenting an assault by major media outlets as the one leveled against Obama by talk radio and Fox News.

Their intent is clear: No matter how much ordinary Americans might suffer from four more years of economic collapse, these right-wing media outlets want to ensure that Obama fails so that in 2010 and 2012, voters will return the Republican Party to power.

Mark Gabrish Conlan

San Diego


So Glenn Beck thinks we're "heading for real trouble." Does he think this is a result of the last eight years of deregulation, crony capitalism and lawlessness? Oh no, he blames the less-than-two-month-old Obama administration.

Scott W. Kirby


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