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Emissions rules seem pointless

March 15, 2009

Re: "State's proposed emissions rule sparks firestorm," March 6:

Man-made climate change is a hoax. About 95% of greenhouse gases is water vapor.

Roy W. Rising

Valley Village


Praise is due to the California Air Resources Board for proposing a truly meaningful rule to reduce greenhouse gases.

The "comprehensive cradle-to-grave approach" will give a true, more accurate and scientifically based measure of how our dollars are spent.

It may be unfortunate for some biofuels, such as corn-based ethanol, that they do not deliver what they promise, but this is a result of the politically biased Bush approach that had contempt for science.

The new rules should really make a dent in emissions, especially if the other states follow suit.

Emil Lawton

Sherman Oaks

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