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'Cave People,' 'Raising Dragons,' 'Mom's Best Friend,' 'By the Great Horn Spoon'

March 15, 2009

"Cave People"

Linda Hayward

Fifty thousand years ago, hunters roamed the Earth. They were cave people. They spotted a deer. The deer tried to attack, but the hunters used their spears to defend themselves. Their home was a cave. There was a good soft sleeping place in the cave. The Ice Age menu was toasted beetles, roasted turtles, fresh cattails, bison brain stew and chopped roots. How do we know about these hunters? Are they still alive? Read the book to find out.

Reviewed by Arjun, 7

Tustin Ranch Elementary, Tustin


"Raising Dragons"

Jerdine Nolen

A girl finds an egg. Her father tells her to stay away from the egg. But then in the middle of the night, the girl gets out of her bed and goes outside. She hears a crack! Crack! She finds that a dragon has hatched out of the egg! She calls him Hank and feeds and cares for him.Then they go to a dragon-shaped island. Hank has something behind his back. Read the book and find out what that something is.

Reviewed by Banyan, 9

Glenoaks Elementary, Glendale


"Mom's Best Friend"

Sally Hobart Alexander

Mom is blind and her guide dog dies, so she uses a cane, which is much harder than having a guide dog. She decides to get a new dog. Her new dog is named Ursula and mom has to go back to Seeing Eye school to help train the dog. They finally get to go home. But mom and Ursula have to get past new obstacles every day. See what they are. Read the book.

Reviewed by Vincent, 10

Lincoln Elementary Glendale


"By the Great Horn Spoon"

Sid Fleischman

The ships Sea Raven and Lady Wilma are in a race to the California Gold Rush. Praiseworthy, the wise butler, and Jack, a 12-year-old boy, become stowaways aboard Lady Wilma because a treacherous, vile, wicked, wrathful, revolting, mischievous scoundrel, Judge Cut-Eye Higgins, stole their money. Also, Jack's Aunt Arabela lost her fortune and can't pay to keep her mansion and maids. This children's book keeps you in suspense. Sid Fleischman is a brilliant author and writes interesting, joyful stories.

Reviewed by Griffin, 10

Tarbut V'Torah, Irvine

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