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pick and roll

March 15, 2009|Chris Dufresne

NO. 1s

1. Louisville, 28-5

You have to hand it (No.1) to the Big East season and tournament champions.

2. North Carolina, 28-4

It's all about the 'Heels and a toe (guard Ty Lawson's).

3. Pittsburgh, 28-4

Blair and Young give Panthers a chance to make a deep tournament run.

4. Memphis, 31-3

It's not the Tigers' fault they play in Conference-MIA

NO. 2s

5. Connecticut, 27-4

Players still sleeping off six-overtime loss to Syracuse.

6. Michigan State, 26-6

Saturday's loss to Ohio State cost Spartans shot at top seeding.

7. Duke, 27-6

Coach is such a postseason fixture his license plate should be NCAK.

8. Kansas, 25-7

Bombed out early in Big 12 tourney just to get out of Oklahoma City?

NO. 3s

9. Oklahoma, 27-5

Didn't win Big 12 title or tourney but can win NCAA title?

10. Washington, 25-8

Winning Pac-10 regular season trumps hiccup in postseason tournament.

11. Florida State, 25-8

Missing NCAA class time was easier when players knew answers on tests.

12. Villanova, 26-6

Big East garden party ends with Manhattan meltdown vs. Louisville.

NO. 4s

13. Missouri, 27-6

Rankman had Baylor winning Big 12 only in his fantasy league.

14. Wake Forest, 24-8

Shot 29% against Maryland and that won't fly in the NCAAs.

15. Illinois, 24-8

Might be the team to beat if they got rid of the shot clock.

16. Syracuse, 26-9

Franklin Delano Boeheim: "The only thing we have to fear is fatigue itself."

NO. 5s

17. UCLA, 25-8

USC doc expects full recovery after Friday night's Staples surgery.

18. Clemson, 23-8

Tigers 7-8 since starting 16-0 -- may want to check dip-stick.

19. Gonzaga, 26-5

School's 11th straight NCAA trip proves this is no rag-tag Zag outfit.

20. Purdue, 24-9

Win over Illinois earns team berth in Big Ten finals.

NO. 6s

21. Xavier, 25-7

OK, you lost to Temple. Big deal, get over it, enjoy "Dejection Sunday."

22. Marquette, 24-9

Heads to NCAA tournament having lost five of its last six games.

23. Arizona State, 24-8

If sophomore Harden looked any older he'd be getting mail from AARP.

24. West Virginia, 23-11

Defeating Pitt no consolation for football loss two years ago.

NO. 7s

25. Oklahoma State, 22-11

"Oh, what a beautiful morning" it was after beating Oklahoma.

26. Butler,26-5

Sun will not set just because team didn't win the Horizon tourney.

27. LSU, 26-7

Turns out Trent Johnson wasn't nuts for leaving "Tall Tree" for "Red Stick."

28. USC, 21-12

Pac-10 tournament champions: How do you like the sound of that?

NO. 8s

29. Tennessee, 20-11

Don't miss production of "Guys and Vols" at Knoxville Playhouse.

30. BYU, 25-7

Only guarantee is Cougars won't be playing NCAA game on a Sunday.

31. California, 22-10

Pac-10 rally fell short against USC but these guys can shoot long.

32. Ohio State, 21-9

Advancing to the Big Ten semifinals should increase team's NCAA comfort level.

NO. 9s

33. Utah, 23-9

Center Nevil averages 17 points and lists his Perth-place as Australia.

34. Texas A&M, 23-9

Glad to face any team that doesn't have a player named Mike Singletary.

35. Boston College, 22-11

Made Duke sweat in ACC quarters and that's always fun to watch.

36. Wisconsin, 19-12

Badgers ride wave of competitive Big Ten into a tourney berth.

NO. 10s

37. Michigan, 20-13

Success a huge lift in area depressed by economy and Michigan football.

38. Dayton, 26-7

Losing to Duquesne not smart, but we're going to give the Flyers an NCAA pass.

39. Texas, 22-11

Longhorn story short: Texas' season will probably be over next weekend.

40. Siena, 26-7

Enrollment of 2,900 means every one in 30 kids on campus is on hoop team.

NO. 11s

41. Minnesota, 22-10

Gophers became NCAA golden with Big Ten tournament win over Northwestern.

42. San Diego State, 23-8

Three wins over Las Vegas that had nothing to do with craps or slots.

43. Utah State, 30-4 or Nevada

WAC tournament/rodeo produces a one-bid pony.

44. Maryland, 20-13

When in doubt always put an extra ACC school into the tournament.

NO. 12s

45. Northern Iowa, 23-10

Panthers made it the Misery Valley Conference for other schools.

46. Western Kentucky, 24-8

Making the NCAA tournament has become old cap (coonskin) for the Hilltoppers.

47. St. Mary's, 26-6

Didn't have the heart to leave Mills out so close to St. Patty's Day.

48. Temple, 22-11

Surprise Atlantic 10 tourney winner bumps at-large team off the bubble.

NO. 13s

49. Va. Commonwealth, 24-9

Team that KO'd Duke in 2007 back to wreak bracket havoc?

50. Cleveland State, 24-10

First trip since 1986, when they bounced Indiana en route to a memorable Sweet 16.

51. American, 24-7

Eagles earn Patriot bid while everyone else red, white and blue it.

52. Stephen F. Austin, 23-7

Projected winner over Texas San Antonio in today's Southland tournament final.

NO. 14s

53. North Dakota State, 26-8

Bison make first NCAA appearance in first year of eligibility.

54. Binghamton, 23-8

First NCAA trip for America East champs from Vestal, N.Y.

55. Portland State, 23-9

The Vikings, led by 5-6 jitterbug guard Jeremiah Dominguez, can shoot the lights out.

56. Akron, 23-12

Winning MAC bid sends team packing for a different NCAA Zip code.

NO. 15s

57. Cornell, 20-9

Mares eat oats and does eat oats and Cornell won the Ivy.

58. Robert Morris, 24-10

Northeast champs from Moon Township, Pa., now shoot for the stars.

59. East Tenn. State, 23-10

Located in Johnson City, founded in 1911, and coached by guy named Murry (Bartow).

60. Big West champion Northridge or Pacific

NCAA trip is one shining moment for conference that struggled.

NO. 16s

61. Morgan State, 23-11

Bears coached by same Todd Bozeman who once coached Cal Bears.

62. Radford, 21-11

Highest Highlander is 6-11 Artisom Parakhouski -- you can call him "Artie."

63. Morehead State, 19-15

Former quarterback Phil Simms is flying in to give the pep talk.

64. Chattanooga, 18-16

NCAA opens a Chatt room for these Southern Conference tourney champs.

65. Alabama State, 22-9

Committee calls in SWAC team to fill out tournament bracket.


Last four in: St. Mary's, Maryland, San Diego State, Dayton

Last four out: Arizona, Penn State, Florida, Creighton


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