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Golden thoughts of San Francisco

March 15, 2009

murals in what used to be the Rincon Annex Post Office, now a redeveloped complex. The building is open to the public. There is a nice set of pictures at Technically, they're not from the Depression, as Refregier began them in 1940, but they're a great set of California history panels -- inspiring, but warts and all, including the not-so-pretty labor troubles. I haven't seen them since the building was renovated, but the pictures show that they're well-preserved.

Robert Helfman

Los Angeles


Chris Reynolds' "San Francisco Treasure Hunt" really hit home. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, I enlisted in the WAVES. After boot camp, I ended up in the Federal Building in San Francisco. As a member of the Navy chorus, I sang at important signings. And on V-J Day, I watched humanity pour into the streets to celebrate. Drinks at the Top of the Mark were not $7 for a beer! Thanks for the refresher.

Priscilla Skipper Wood


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