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Parks is an obstacle

March 16, 2009

Re "Cleanup pits nonprofit vs. councilman," March 9

Community Coalition devotes its very limited resources to fighting off nuisance properties like liquor stores, which are ruining the quality of life in South Los Angeles.

A politician should welcome an organization like Community Coalition into his district. He should not attempt to water down its efforts as Bernard C. Parks has consistently done on the City Council.

Parks appears incapable of working with community-based groups that are desperately needed in South Los Angeles to organize and empower our many fractured and dormant neighborhood associations.

This story could have been written about a host of important issues facing South L.A.'s 8th Council District. Thankfully, organizations that have the support of the people, like Community Coalition, will outlive Parks' tenure in elected office.

Damien Goodmon

Los Angeles

The writer is co-chair of the Empowerment Congress West Area Neighborhood Development Council.

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