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GOP whining

March 18, 2009

Re "Cheney joins GOP criticism of Obama," March 16

It would be better if former Vice President Dick Cheney and his colleagues would keep their wearisome diatribes muted to allow time for President Obama to get his policies underway.

The president will not please everyone -- this writer included -- but to listen to this continual and painful spineless whimpering from disgraced Republicans is insufferable.

The country is where it is because of their infected vision. The time for the courage to try a different course is upon us.

S. Janisz



Reporting on Cheney's recent assessment of Obama's policies, The Times writes, "Cheney has sharply questioned Obama before, but the latest attempt comes amid a chorus of Republican criticism that nonetheless has had little effect on Obama's popularity or his success in Congress."

I could not disagree with this statement more. Republican criticism of Obama has had a great effect on me and the millions of Americans who tired of the Bush-Cheney White House years ago.

The more these Republicans complain about Obama, the more my support for the president and his policies intensifies.

Stephen Netherlain

Lake Forest

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