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Same old Lakers

March 21, 2009

Regarding Tuesday night's 94-93 debacle vs. the 76ers: If the Lakers players' collective basketball IQ from that game were to be siphoned into the brain of a sparrow, the bird would fly backward.

Scott Jackson



After watching that pathetic fourth-quarter performance against the 76ers, is there anyone still out there who doesn't realize that the Lakers are a seriously flawed team? The problem is obvious: These guys have all of the mental toughness of a lower-division high school team (my apologies to the high school team).

Tom Poston

Yorba Linda


When a puppy gets too many conflicting commands for too long, it simply lies down.

Coach Jackson lets a player jack up 30-40 shots a game for five years but wishes his team would have "fire in the belly" while [offering] a Kobiangle offense. Gee, thanks a lot, Phil.

Maybe Commissioner Stern can pull another blockbuster trade like Gasol -- say, for Dwyane Wade, who gets every player involved in every quarter of every game.

Help us, Commish, or we will see another 40-point blowout loss in the Finals closeout game.

Mike Gilbert

Hermosa Beach


Dear Phil,

Here's some sage advice for a future timeout talk when your team has a foul to give, is up by two, with 6.6 seconds left: "Foul!"

Jack Saltzberg

Sherman Oaks


I think it is about time the fans give the Lakers a report card:

Joel & Stu: (B) Stu talks too much.

Interviews during the game: (F) Do it at halftime.

Defense: (D) Can't stop a drive to the paint.

Offense: (C) Bad shot selection.

Coach's substitutes: (D) When the guy is hot, why take him out?

Turnovers: (F) It looks like they enjoy doing it.

Use of timeouts: (C-) When the other team makes a run, use them.

Fundamentals: (F) When you have a lead, milk the clock.

Stupidity: (A+) They don't practice the rules for winning.

Robert M. Freedman

Los Osos


The Lakers announced Monday that they will freeze ticket prices for the 2009-10 season.

Whoopdie-doo! If you listened to the Kool-Aid drinkers over at AM 710, praise was not strong enough.

What everyone has failed to mention is that the Lakers did the following to my playoff tickets for this season: Round 1 -- a 50% increase over regular-season prices. Round 2 -- a 100% increase. Conference finals -- a 200% increase. NBA Finals -- a 300% increase.

What this all means is simple: Sixteen possible playoff games are costing me more than 41 regular-season games. Thanks to all in the Lakers family.

Geno Apicella


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